• Amy Rice

How a wedding with Kex Kitchen works

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

The only thing better than a Kex Kitchen grazing table, is a Kex Kitchen grazing table with a view!

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times there is. But for a lot of couples, their wedding’s the first event they’ve EVER planned, so it can also get pretty overwhelming!

That’s why I tend to get a lot of enquiries about how a wedding with Kex Kitchen actually works, especially when it comes to our grazing tables.

So here’s little run-down of our entire catering process - from initial enquiry, through to the big

day itself.

Thank you to Kelly at Hand Picked for the stunning flowers

We recently catered Lauryn and Ian’s beautiful Whangapoa wedding in the Coromandel. It was one of the most gorgeous venues I’ve seen so far, so I’ve used their special day as an example. Any excuse to get out the photos of that gorgeous view!

Step 1: You’ll get in touch with an enquiry, well ahead of your wedding date.

The wedding industry is absolutely huge, with the most popular vendors often getting booked out way ahead of time - especially during the high season, from November to April. That’s why we recommend getting in touch up to a year in advance of your


When you make an enquiry, we’ll ask for a few key details - like your wedding date, number of guests, and the time of your ceremony and dinner (if you already know your schedule). All that info is a great short-cut to figuring out the right approach, and putting together a cost.

When Lauryn and Ian made an enquiry about catering for their wedding at a private residence in Whangapoa, they let us know there’d be 120 guests in total.

Step 2: We’ll talk about the right approach for your special day.

After Lauryn's enquiry came through, we discussed their vision for the day. With 120 guests needing something to nibble on in between the ceremony and dinner-time, we decided on a grazing table, with constant top-ups throughout the night.

We love sourcing local produce, and all our chutneys, famous dips, pate and relishes are handmade in the Kex kitchen - so Lauryn and Ian knew their guests would get to enjoy a range of wholesome, delicious, and organic produce.

Step 3: It’s time to lock it in.

Once we’ve discussed what you’re after, landed on an approach, and sorted out a quote, we’ll lock in your date with a 20% deposit.

As part of our grazing table wedding packages, we put together a platter for the bridal party to nibble on during their photoshoot.

Step 4: A little closer to the day, we’ll check in again.

A month or so before go-time, we’ll have a little check-in to chat the finer details. This is when you’ll confirm exact numbers of guests (including how many are in the bridal party, so we can make you a special platter to take on your photoshoot) - and we’ll also talk about any dietary requirements.

At Lauryn and Ian's wedding, there were no food allergies or special dietary requirements at all, which made that part super easy. With 120 guests, I have to say that was nothing short of a miracle - there’s usually at least one or two! If there are any dietary requirements, we will always make up a special "lunch box" for the individuals.

Step 5: The big day.

On the day, we’ll arrive at the venue two hours before the ceremony starts, to get everything set up and looking beautiful.

We’ll also stick around during the evening, right up until dinner-time - making sure the grazing table stays topped up with goodies and looking gorgeous.

Lauryn and Ian’s wedding was in a stunning private residence, and against the breathtaking view, our grazing table looked even more incredible than usual. We just loved the fresh, modern look of the clear marquee from Twelve Tables, and the relaxed and joyful vibes radiating from the happy couple and their guests.

The clear marquee from Twelve Tables & furniture hire from LL Furniture really made the most of the wedding’s incredible location.

Step 6: Finally, we’re done and dusted.

When dinner rolls around, we’ll pack the table down. Any leftover goodies will be arranged onto a platter, for the guests to snack on throughout the night - or to enjoy the next day, if everyone’s too busy dancing their socks off, like Lauryn and Ian’s guests!

And that’s all there is to it.

Planning a wedding can definitely feel a little daunting, but with the right team on board, you can just relax and enjoy yourself - knowing that all the finer details are taken care of. If you are planning your wedding, get in touch with Lauryn as she has her own wedding planning business: Ferns and Things.

If you’d like to work with us for your wedding, get in touch. We’d love to chat.

Amy x