• Amy Rice

How to style a grazing table

With summer just around the corner, its time to start planning your next social event!

Grazing Tables are a fantastic way to feed a crowd, with endless options of cheese, crackers, fruits, dips and breads - so everyone is happy! They are the perfect way to cater for weddings, baby showers, parties, events, christmas parties, business presentations and basically anywhere where people need feeding in style.

Here are my top five styling tips for designing a stand-out grazing table:

1. Music - always have good music playing while your setting up and give yourself plenty of time before guests arrive! It usually takes me well over an hour to set up from start to finish. Be extra organised and start prepping your dips in the morning so you are all ready to go. Remember you want your guests to arrive and be "wowed" with your creation - not have them hanging around waiting for you to finish so they can start eating.

2. Height - Once you have a nice big table top, use creative items to display your food on. Get crafty with upside-down plates, bowls, crates or chopping boards to give your food items different height levels.

3. Variety - use a mixture of soft, hard and artisan cheeses. Visit your local cheese maker and try something new - goat cheese? Massdam? gouda? Swiss? People love options! Always have a selection of crackers - round, square, seeded, wholegrain, plain - this gives more colour and texture to your table where it needs it the most.

4. Loose the plastic - take everything out of it's packaging and put it in bowls or jars, otherwise display the food directly on the table. Food has a lot of beautiful colours -so let it be the centre of attention!

5. Decorations - Finish your table off with something colourful or green from the garden to keep it looking natural and edible. Bunches of herbs are a fantastic way to create more height and colour by filling in all the gaps. Otherwise choose elegant candles or simple napkins that won't take any attention away from your beautiful display of food.

And enjoy with family and friends!!

It is a proven fact that if you are a generous host, then people will want to visit and attend your parties - what more could you want in life than being surrounded by family and friends?!

I start with chopping boards, then my dips, cheese, crackers, breads and lastly final touches of herbs and flowers