• Amy Rice

Why the name "Kex"?

The question I get asked the most - What does Kex mean?!

Kex is the Swedish word for biscuit or cookie. I spent three years in Sweden where I trained as a chef and pastry chef at an organic cafe and restaurant. Here I worked with some incredible chefs and some amazing people who taught me everything I know about growing and cooking food. I have a massive place in my heart for Sweden, although the winters there are so freaken long, dark and cold it's great to be back in NZ.

However more important than the word kex, is the Swedish word 'fika'. Every day it was compulsory to stop working and sit down at 9:30am as a group and have fika which consisted of coffee, cinnamon buns, hard bread with cheese, cucumber & tomatoes. It's something I have promised myself to continue here within my workplace in NZ. Check out these Swedes who show how important a Swedish fika is....

Kex also just happens to the name of my favourite chocolate bar from Sweden :)